Hurricane Shutters

We are absolutely crazy about our service! It is extremely important to have your hurricane shutters serviced so they work freely year after year. When the time comes to close your hurricane shutters, the last thing you want is a wheel to be stuck or break, or possibly a lock stuck. People tend to get in a "panic" mode when a storm is approaching and the last thing you want is one of hurricane shutters to be missing or your accordion hurricane shutters to be stuck.

It is always important year after year to lubricate your hurricane shutter screws and lubricate your accordion shutter wheels. I recommend that every home should always do a "dry run" on their hurricane shutters at least once a year so they know they are working properly and all the hurricane panels fit. The last thing that anyone wants to happen is to find that your hurricane shutters do not work properly or something is missing, right when a storm is knocking on the door. We at Guardian Storm Protection pride ourselves in making sure your hurricane shutter system is working properly when we are finished, and we make sure the homeowner knows how to use them. We also provide a service at a minimum fee to annually lubricate your hurricane shutters and check the entire system, so problems do not arise when they are needed.

We are currently working in Broward, Martin and Palm Beach Counties