Hurricane Maintenance Program

When it comes to a hurricane maintenance program, you can have Guardian expert technicians come out every year, and inspect each and every shutter, and clean and lubricate them prior to the Hurricane season. Having a hurricane maintenance program is very important because many of our clients are out of area owners.

My company is not real big on having a hurricane maintenance program for other companies shutters. We are simply focused on taking care of our customers that we installed jobs for with our products. Because we use a Town and Country system accordion shutters, having a hurricane maintenance program is not extremely crucial due to our hinge system and the way our wheels roll in the tracks. However, I highly recommend that all shutters be lubricated yearly to ensure an easy, smooth operation. I do not believe in "nickel and diming" my customers, ever. When you are my customer, I believe that you are very happy with the job we did for you and you will tell others. Referrals is 99% of my business and in most cases, we provide a hurricane shutter maintenance program for a minimal charge. I do that for two reasons; one is that my trucks will be in your driveway getting exposure. The second and more important reason is that by having that hurricane maintenance program, and having our crews lubricating your shutters year after year, I know that they will always work and that's one call i will not get the night of a hurricane.

We provide a hurricane shutter maintenance program for a minimal charge. If a homeowner decides to have their own hurricane shutters maintenance program, its very easy. All one has to do is spray some silicone spray (not WD40) or white lithium grease in the top corners of each track and then pull them shut and back closed again. There is no need to lubricate the bottom track as its just a guide and has no moving parts. These types of lubricating sprays can easily be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes. Having a hurricane maintenance program is important whether we do it for you or you do it yourself. But for that "ultimate" piece of mind, it should be done.

We are currently working in Broward, Martin and Palm Beach Counties