Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are the single most desirable hurricane product on the market today. There are numerous reasons why but most importantly, accordion hurricane shutters are both cost effective and are very simple to close. In these days, the technology of the town and Country accordion hurricane shutters is just simply amazing. Homeowners are very scared by putting these things all over their home but have no idea how un- obtrusive and neat and tight the new Town and Country accordion hurricane shutters stack on a window or door. The typical homeowner is so surprised by how they look when we get finished that they constantly tell me that its looks 10 times better than they thought. That is because I have an eye for this and my priority is not to disturb the looks of ones home. I promise!

Are all accordion hurricane shutters the same?

No they are not. Remember the old "Yugo" car? It and a Toyota Lexus are as different as the best and the worst accordion hurricane shutters.

Guardian Storm Protection is proud to be a dealer of the Town and Country Industries 6.8 accordion hurricane shutters and the Town and Country High Rise accordion hurricane shutters. Town and Country accordion hurricane shutters are the absolute best hurricane shutters on the market. Hands Down!!! They have a patented double hinged system that no other accordion hurricane shutter offers and they are specially powder coated to last rust-free year after year and not fade.

These other brand accordion hurricane shutters make me want to cry. As an installer, I can use any brand I choose, but because of my background and experience, I choose to deal with the absolute best accordion hurricane shutters on the market, or I would not get the referrals. I will do a comparison at your home and you will be convinced, I promise. And best of all, they are not more expensive in most cases. I have seen companies sell much worse accordion hurricane shutters for more money! It really upsets me. This is your home, "do it right".

It takes a knowledgeable shutter consultant to look at each of your windows and doors and design the right installation. Speaking of installation, it is critical to how well your shutters operate and to protect your family and home. Guardian's President, Andrew Kobosko started as an installer and spends a good bit of his time in the field checking installations making sure each of his installers does a first class job. Strength of your accordion hurricane shutters exceeds codes for a major storm. We actually have several different strengths to cover different architecture. We also use a patented rounded floor track so your not tripping and we can also make any track removable.

What are the bad things about accordion shutters?

They only come in four colors, white, Ivory, beige and bronze (which is actually a very dark brown). They cost more than panels (but a lot less than roll shutters or impact glass) Impact glass may not break all the way and help prevent shattering, but after the storm, you are going to have a lot of scratched glass to replace from all the flying debris hitting through out the storm. I would highly recommend not replacing your windows with impact glass, unless you cannot fit an accordion or your building a new house and can afford the upgrade. I have seen many retrofit homes with impact glass and the stucco never matches and the windows often leak. Research it for yourself and you will see.

What do our customers say about their accordion installation.

"They save a ton of time, I don't need any storage space, I can close 26 windows and doors in less than an hour and I don't break a sweat". "Your men did an excellent clean-up", " I appreciated that they showed my wife and I how easy they were to open and close" "They checked each and every shutter to make sure it worked perfectly"

Of course what I like to hear most... "My neighbor wants you to see you, my sister needs an estimate and two friends from work want you to do their places"

Are all accordion shutters the same? No they are just like everything else, there are poor one ones, excellent ones and many in between. We have chosen the Town and Country 6.8 and the High Rise 6.8. This is one of the strongest, longest lasting, easiest to open and close, most attractive (stack space on the sides of the windows is much less than most other accordions). For those of you who wish to see the Product approval and drawings you can click on Miami Dade product approval N.O.A. and the click on Town & Country 6.8 to see the state code (its long and takes a few seconds to load even with cable internet).

Take a look at our Accordion photo gallery, judge for yourself.

We are currently working in Broward, Martin and Palm Beach Counties