We offer only the absolute finest products in the entire hurricane protection industry. I would stand for any less. After all, we are in the life safety business and we protect what matters most! Our products are all Florida Building code approved and meet or exceed all Miami-Dade county standards as well. The accordion product line is called the Town and Country brand. It is a brand that we manufacture and there is not another shutter system on the market that is even close to the quality.

All hurricane protection products are "not" created equal! Just look on the accordion shutter page under products and see all the reasons why. I choose to manufacture only the products that keep getting me my referrals and have been tried and tested over the years. Sure I could switch to cheaper products and lower my standards, but that’s not who I am. Our products work and they work better than anything available. Starting with our double hindge Town and Country products, which offer you the best and neatest stacking in the industry. These accordion shutter products also can be closed with one finger, even on a 12 foot door! This is because they roll perfectly in the tracks and the felt keeps the tracks clear. It’s all in the design. Our lightweight metal panels are also much better than others because of the rolled edge and simple keyhole design. They cannot cut you and they are light enough to handle. They also stack neatly in the garage.

Our TPS clear panels are also another product option for you, as they are not as expensive as accordions and offer extremely lightweight and are completely transparent. These hurricane screens are also a great product as they hardly have ant weight and can be stored in the attic. The hurricane screens are also transparent and come in many colors, so they can be left up in season if necessary. The hurricane screens are made by Storm Smart and they are local and make the absolute best hurricane screen on the market today. And nobody can beat my price on those screens.

So when you are looking for hurricane products, look no further. Our products are the best, hands down. You will clearly see that, when I visit your home to give you your free estimate.

We are currently working in Broward, Martin and Palm Beach Counties