West Palm Beach (Baywinds, Riverwalk ) Customer Referral List

West Palm Beach 

Dodd  3753 Victoria Road - Hamilton Bay 
Lewis  6471 Garden Court - Briar Bay 
Rabellino  3073 Santa Margarita Rd - Briar Bay 


Silvia  9309 Sapphire Cove Drive - Baywinds
Edwards 9923 Galleon Drive - Baywinds
Halpert  9927 Galleon Drive - Baywinds
Ferreira  9749 Galleon Drive - Baywinds
Kram  9865 Galleon Drive - Baywinds
Gland  2435 Sapphire Drive - Baywinds


Benglas  7279 Crystal Lake Drive
Goodlin  7620 Red River Road 
Davis  7647 Red River Road 
Jurkowitz  7187 Elkhorn Drive 
Mathei  7115 Deer Pointe Lane 
Olivera  7837 Quida Drive 

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Guardian Storm Protection has been installing hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach for over 15 years. Hurricane protection is extremely important in West Palm Beach Florida. We have extensive experience installing all varieties of hurricane storm shutters. Hurricane Protection is one of the single most important things you can do to protect your investment. We at Guardian Shutters take pride in all of our hurricane protection products.